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The entire training program has been developed in close cooperation with the shipping industry, with an eye on future demands related to human resource development. More courses are under study, combining theoretical and practical training designed to meet the IMO STCW 95 and ILO conventions. BMTI is essentially an international learning institution operated by teaching staff all composed of seagoing experienced and experienced lecturers. Most of the lecturers are senior merchant marine officers who have alternating assignments either as lecturers or on seagoing service. To be in the forefront of maritime education and training, some major suppliers to the shipping industry collaborate with BMTI in the preparation of training programs exclusively related to their own products and equipment. These customized training programs are to meet the changing demands of ship owners as per their ISM & ISO training schemes. Only by training a crew to excel in every way and in every situation can we give ship owners peace of mind in regards to safety, environmental protection, maintenance and prevention of accidents, incidents and losses. Bangladesh Maritime Training Institute is committed to uphold quality in everything it does and believes that "Quality means doing things right. the first time, all the time." To ensure this we have obtained ISO 9001-2000 from Germanischer Lloyds for our Quality Management System We affirm our commitment to the continuous improvement of our seafarers, processes and services in order to comply with international standards of quality. Our quality service is open for both external and internal customers and measure our compliance with our quality standards by undertaking regular performance appraisal, operational audits, and external/internal customer satisfaction surveys.It is our firm belief that the promotion of health and safety, as well as the protection of the environment, should always be a joint effort between Bangladesh Maritime Training Institute and its employees. To this end, we shall-

  • Contribute to the upkeep of the environment through increased awareness among our trainees and compliance with all governmental and international requirements.
  • Support all relevant activities aimed to protect and improve the performance of our seafarers, through training.
  • Ensure that accidents are prevented through training and administrative controls.
  • Our goal is to achieve high degree of excellence through training.
  • Ensure All the Time for Customer Satisfaction.